Minutes of a meeting held on 24th September 2019 Fulbourn Health Centre

PRESENT Graham Snelling GS (Chair): Christina Rowland- Jones CR-J Christabel Bennett ;CBe: Marylin Moyes MM: Cllr Kieron Johnson KJ Bev Savage BS ( Secretary): Cllr Jane Gaskell JG: Cllr Graham Cone GC

IN ATTENDANCE Dr Jagdip Haer : Dr Surabhi Singh

1. APOLOGIES Sylvia Cottee: Dr Catherine Bennett: Liz Willis: Sue Bowtle Cllr Gill Ward: Ann Sowden: Ron Ward

2. Minutes of last meeting held on 16th JULY 2019 Approved


MATTERS ARISING: a) HEALTH CENTRE INFORMATION. 1) Web Site: Feedback from patients point out that the site remains out of date in some areas. GS has spoken to SB about this issue and has spoken to someone who has worked on Practice web sites who may be able to help. Meanwhile Dr Haer will look into this.

2) DNA,s July 79: Aug 49: Sept 40: Suggested that we should advertise these figures more freely eg on the web site and once again in the village “Pump”.

b) NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN. JG Progressing. Meeting next Monday with South Cambs.

c) LONELINESS. GC Walks are very successful. The youth building is opening shortly. They are looking at warden schemes and joining up with other villages. “Time Banking” is still being discussed but will require funding to set up. A lot of voluntary reliance will be required as shown with volunteers already organising events in the village. This will require time commitment. Trying to promote the community bus that is presently operating, which is under used at present. MM Mentioned if it was possible for volunteers to spend some time talking to people who are lonely. This is working in Teversham. Could we work hand in hand with them? MM To contact “Age Concern” and report back to GC. BS Mentioned that the demand for transport is on the increase and demand in some areas is coming from clients who cannot use the transport because of difficulties getting in and out of cars. Those in wheelchairs and with other difficulties require an adaptable vehicle. Asked that this idea could be incor-porated in the Neighbourhood Plan. GC This could be looked at by the Parish Council. Money could be made available in the future. Agreed to put the idea into writing on behalf of the PPG to the chairman.

Action GS d) BUILDING DEVELOPEMENTS GC The Ida Darwin development is progressing; the problem with self-builds has now been rectified. Further changes in the recent Castlefield application are under discussion.

CCG No feedback received.

5) CAPG JG Update given by the CCG on out of hours and emergency care. Working on the possiblity of integration, hospital discharge, care at home, falls etc. It was pointed out that this has been tried before and failed.

6) AOB a) PPG Treasurer The present treasurer who has left Fulbourn has agreed to continue in this role until a new treasurer is found. £202 remains in the account.

b) Reception area Due to the change to a hard floor covering it has been reported that there is now an echo which not only makes it more difficult to hear GPs calling for patients, but also the receptionists’ voices, and discussions on the telephone can be heard more easily. It can be difficult to have privacy when talking to receptionists with people waiting behind standing too close. The idea of a stand asking patients to keep back was rejected previously due to health and safety. It was suggested that a notice could be hung from the ceiling, as is done at the Sawston practice and it very works well.

c) Podiatry Service MM A booklet tells patients they have a choice of Brookfields, Chesterton or Shelford for treatment. A patient tried to attend an appointment but found the treatment centre closed. A Podiatrist had approached the Fulbourn Health Centre to ask whether she could use the available podiatrist’s room, bringing her own instruments and renting. Dr Haer said that she would have to approach the CCG on this matter.

d) Agenda CR-J Suggested that we might have more speakers at our meetings. 2 Suggestions: Kit Connick, Director of Corporate affairs at Fulbourn Hospital, and Chief Nurse of the CCG, Carol Anderson. To be asked if they could attend. CR-J

DATE OF NEXT MEETING Tuesday November 26th, 2019 6.15pm


Minutes of a meeting held on 16th July 2019

Fulbourn Health Centre


PRESENT          Marylin Moyes MM: Ann Sowden AS: Bev Savage BS (Secretary):

               Graham Snelling GS (Chair): Christina Rowland-Jones CR-J: Ron Ward RW:

               Cllr Gill Ward GW: Cllr Jane Gaskell JG: Dr Madeleine Knightley MK:

                                              Cllr Kieron Johnson KG



                             Dr Catherine Bennett CB


  1. APOLOGIES         Peter Godber: Liz Willis: Christabel Bennett, Cllr Graham Cone: Sue Bowtle
  2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING HELD ON 21st MAY 2019. APPROVED                                        
  3. AGENDA 3.
  4. MATTERS ARISING: a) Health Centre:
  5. CBDNAs No updated information available.The annual patient survey looks at how happy patients are with the practice, which is useful information and can be compared with other practices. We are better than some and slightly behind others.  
  6. SB will be asked to circulate the survey to PPG members.Dr Ratnayake has now left the practice. Dr Singh is stepping up to become a partner.                                                
  7. RW A future vision has been received from the Health Centre and will now go into the Neighbourhood Plan, which is on draft 4 at present. It was emphasised that the present building at Fulbourn is not fit for purpose and in its present form very expensive to run. Some district councils are reducing the s106 payments to villages which do not have any neighbourhood plan, so it is important to get our bid in. We are in a very strong position concerning the work that has been done over the last few years. The surgery could be near the top of the priority list.   By September we should have a plan ready for the Parish Council to consider.Still open if anybody has issues they would like to be considered.c) LONELINESS  
  8. MM Mentiioned that a lot of the events that take place in Fulbourn take place in the evenings and not during the day time. This was seen as difficult for those that are aged to attend and more consideration should be given.d) BUILDING DEVELOPEMENTS No further progress. The Ida Darwin site is being cleared and present occupants have been given notice.4. CCG                  
  9. CR-J   Did not attend the last meeting but there was a presentation about the CCG’s financial problems.   She expressed concern that voluntary groups will not get funding to run social prescribing.  
  10. CB said that she hopes there will be a lot more collaboration, which has not happened in the past.                                
  11. BS Patient groups were asked (Jane Watson a senior lecturer attached to Cornford House) if they could provide interested people to attend an informal meeting with Trainee District Nurses at Anglia Ruskin University to share experiences.
  12. Both MM and AS attended.
  13. CB Mentioned that she would be meeting the District Nurses to talk about practices having their own on-call nurses to try and alleviate some of these problems.                                            
  14.  CB Started work on the 1st July. Gave various networks different numbers. We are Cambridge City 4, consisting of 6 Practices. Working out how this is going to work. The GP Federation is arranging extended hour surgeries. Starting at Cornford House on the 1st August. Appointments will be from 6-10pm on Mondays and Fridays only, bookable through our receptionists, with doctors and nurses and health assistants, just for patients in the Network, expecting 100 patients per week.   Out-of-hours provision is already available from other practices.           a) It was noted that the walking group previously mentioned is very successful.           b) Replacement Treasurer is required for the PPG. To be advertised in the ‘Mill’.                                               TUESDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2019                 
  16.  AOB
  17. There is a lot of discussion with the Councils about future plans, what is happening in the voluntary sector, work-force gaps, how we use doctors and nurses with expertise to help in other practices as well as Cornford.   Also much thought about advanced care planning and how patients can manage their own condition and takes control themselves. These will be key areas that Networks will be judged on.
  19. The meeting was seen by both parties as very useful and the District Nurses would like to attend this PPG meeting in the future.
  20. The District Nurses asked what we expected from their service.   Problems of not seeing the same nurse was seen as a big problem especially over weekends. District Nurses with different skill levels will look after those nurses who visit the patient at home. The District Nurse can be contacted if there is any problems. Communication was seen as spasmodic and accurate information lost, together with times that nurses arrived and continuity.
  22. CR-J Arts and Minds is the lead for a new group, FullScope, which includes six charities, including ARM, to work with young people and they are interviewing for a director.   Funding has been received from the Lottery Heritage Fund.
  23. CAPG
  24. CB   Another £32 million is now on top of the overspent monies last year which makes things very tight. The allocation of monies for this area is very low, but more money is coming into General Practice through the Networks. Next 9 months will be taken up with planning and strategy.   As clinical director she will be visiting other patient groups. She would like the new social prescriber to be a member of our PPG.
  25.  Every house will be getting a brief questionnaire this month together with the “Pump”.
  28. Unable at present to replace her. Those patients previously registered with Dr Ratnayake will be evenly registered with other doctors.
  30. WEB SITE It was noted that some of the information remains out of date, which is apparently a resource problem.  
  31. GS Has contacts with people who specialise in doctors’ practice web sites. Agreed that this information should be sent to SB.
  32. CB Thinks the web site could work better, and would like to see eg if you have high blood pressure it could be checked at home and then emailed to the practice.



Minutes of a meeting held on 21st May 2019

Fulbourn Health Centre


PRESENT   Christabel Bennett CBe: Liz Willis LW: Graham Snelling GS (Chair)

Bev Savage BS (Secretary): Ann Sowden AS: Marylin Moyes MM: Ron Ward RW: Cllr Gill Ward GW: Cllr Jane Gaskell JG: Sylvia Cottee SC: Dr Madeleine

Knightley MK: Christina Rowland-Jones CR-J.



                 Dr Catherine Bennett CB



Cllr Kieron Johnson ; Cllr Graham Cone: Sue Bowtle (Practice Manager)



Christina Rowland-Jones gave an interesting talk about Arts and Minds, the charity she co-founded in 2005 which developed out of Friends of Fulbourn Hospital’s Millennium Arts Project; financial cuts to arts therapies had left patients complaining of boredom.   A Dept of Health grant enabled the Friends to place experienced artists-in-residence on wards and linked community settings, providing workshops in pottery, textiles, ceramics, dance, singing, gardening and storytelling.   Volunteers intending to train in medicine, nursing, physio etc. supported each artist.   Professionally evaluated, the work proved beneficial for patients of all ages, and a wide range of mental illness, and Arts and Minds was founded to expand this county-wide.   It included Arts on Prescription, and the cost-effectiveness and benefits led to interest from MPs and the Government’s Health & Wellbeing committee.   In due course this led to the new Social Prescribing, which will provide a link worker in each GP Network who can refer people with a range of social, emotional or practical needs to community groups, such as the arts, singing, sports, gardening, walking, cookery, U3A.   People who might benefit are those who are socially isolated, have mild to moderate mental illness or frequently attend primary care.        


  1. Minutes of last meeting held on 26th March 2019. Approved.


  • Neighbourhood Plan. RW Although progress is being made there remains a sense of urgency for the Health Centre to put forward a plan as to how the medical team see the practice in the future. We have been advised that Cambridge City and South Cambs are now starting on the next Local Plan. This adds to the urgency to get our Neighbourhood Plan through all the stages so we can actually have an input to see how the village will develop. If information is not available soon we will lose the opportunity.                                 Action CB end of June.RW Emphasised that money could become available for the Centre if a plan was in place. On Sunday 2nd June there will a Wilbraham River Protection Society’s Annual Walk. Information to be circulated to PPG members.———————————————————
  • 4) DNA’s  April 46 and May 61———————————————————
  • 5) Building Developments RW Mentioned that as a minor rural assessment we are not likely to have more developments than those already approved. Nothing further to report. Collectively all the Trusts up to Peterborough are about £2 million in debt. On July 1st, as part of the new GP Networks, practices will sign new contracts. New money is available and each Network will have between 3 and 5,000 patients.   Fulbourn (Cornford) is part of Cambridge City 4 and with Queen Edith’s, Cherry Hinton, Woodlands, Petersfield, and Mill Rd Practices, a total of 55,000 patients. Each Network will have a Clinical Director and for City 4 it will be Dr Bennett. City 4 group falls into 2 halves of need, Queen Edith’s and Mill Rd having long term conditions and the elderly, and the other half, 3 Practices which are nearer town, having younger patients, mental health etc. We have to start thinking about Social Support.   A pharmacist will become more involved in consultations, and there should be out of hours appointments and at weekends, with central hubs where patients can have investigations, and practices can work more closely with other disciplines.                
  • a) Podiatry. Problems remain with appointments and venues. A recent survey has been shown as inadequate and it appears the service has already made up its mind similar to Physiotherapy.              
  • c) CB   Dr.S.Ratnayake will be leaving the Practice in early June.              
  • d) BS   The PPG had been approached to talk to District Nurses undergoing training at Anglia Ruskin University.

    16TH JULY 2019 6.15 PM 
  1. Will be replaced by Dr Singh.
  2. b) BS Mentioned that some clients who requested transport through the Volunteer Car Scheme had difficulty getting into conventional cars, therefore the request was refused. Perhaps there could be further thought on acquiring an adapted car for use?   Volunteer drivers who reach 80 years can continue driving their vehicle within the Scheme if agreed with their Insurance Company.
  3. 8) AOB
  4. ——————————————————————————————————
  5. 7) CAPG CR-J  The group has had a talk on Sustainability and Transformation of health provision, and on Primary Care Networks and Integrated Neighbourhoods.
  6. 6) CCG UPDATE. CB   A lot of thought is going into “Social Prescribing”.
  7. ——————————————————————————————————
  9. It was noted that many of the Health Centre Web Pages are well out of date. CB will look into this.
  11. No further information received on “Time Banks”
  12. b) Loneliness.  JG Mentioned that a “Walking Group” meets on a Friday, and starts from the Fulbourn Centre at 11am. Up to now 10-12 people have attended. To be advertised in the “Mill”.                        
  13. ——————————————————————————————————
  14. Health Centre. CB   Has met with the CCG and thinks that there will be no more monies coming this way. Developments like the Marshalls Site and bigger Health Centres are seen as greater priorities. How do the Local Authority see the future of Social Care?

Fulbourn Health Centre Patient Participation Group

Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 26th March 2019

Present: Graham Snelling (chair) GS, Christina Rowland-Jones (minutes) CR-J, Christabel Bennett CBe, Cllr. Graham Cone GC, Cllr. Kieron Johnson KJ, Cllr. Gill Ward GW,

Liz Willis LW, Ann Sowden AS, Marilyn Moyes MM, Cllr. Jane Gaskell JG, Ron Ward RW,

Cllr. Claire Daunton CD (representing Cllr. John Williams)

In attendance: Sue Bowtle SB (practice manager) and Diane Atherton DA (receptionist)

Apologies: Bev Savage, Sylvia Cottee, Peter Godber, Dr Cathy Bennett

  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on 20th November 2019   Approved.
  1. Matters arising:
  1. Future of the Health Centre (SB): A visit to discuss the redecoration of the H.C. with the practice manager had been booked; in the event they arrived earlier than expected leaving no opportunity to finalise arrangements with the practice.   The work will be carried out in the evenings and at week-ends.   The lease has still not been signed, as advised by the BMA, because there are other issues which have not been addressed, such as a new boiler.   Grass cutting is now being carried out satisfactorily by a Charity supporting learning disabled people.
  3. Neighbourhood Plan RW: Work is continuing, and a London consultant will help with drafting.   It is extremely urgent that Dr Bennett and her colleagues produce a final, detailed plan of their needs for a new H.C. as soon as possible, so that it can be integrated into the N. Plan.   There is widespread support from the Parish Council and SCDC Planning Department and funding could become available if the plan is in place and details known. SB agreed to raise this as a priority at the forthcoming partners’ meeting.
  1. Loneliness GC: Needs to liaise with Sarah Bellows and prepare a detailed list of community groups for inclusion in The Pump and The Mill.   CD commented that SCDC had held a Resilience Day which highlighted the need not only for a connected community to combat loneliness but also for the protection of vulnerable people.   The new Walking Group is working well, but it was noted that most of the groups tend to be in the evenings when the elderly and disabled may be unable to get to them.
  3. Building developments GC: Concern was expressed regarding the dangers in access for future residents of the new development beside Balsham Road, which is a very busy route with no pavement.   Acceptance of the latest Local Plan means that any new developments will be confined to in-filling.   Homes England have a developer in mind for the new Care Home and work should be starting soon.
  5. DNAs SB: January 65, February 77, March to date 39. This is despite regular publicity in The Mill and recently in The Pump about the cost to the practice.
  7. Podiatry: DA has received information about changes to this service, which include the closure of many clinics including Fulbourn, and a list of available venues, most of which are difficult of access for those without transport.   This seems to be at cross-purposes with Government guidance that such provision should be provided within primary care. The new GP Networks will benefit from economies of scale as a result of collaboration, and aim to make available a wide range of services such as physiotherapy, podiatry and social prescribing link workers.   The list of new venues included a Patient Survey.   This lacked full information, such as: How the sites to be closed have been identified.   How can the Survey be properly assessed when there is no indication about where the patient currently attends.   What is the deadline for the return of forms, and the decision date?   GS is writing to the Podiatry manager about this.
  1. CCG and CAPG CR-J: By requesting that residents buy over-the-counter medication themselves, rather than get it through the NHS, there has been a substantial saving for the CCG of £5 million to date.The visiting speaker at the recent Cambridge Area Patient Group meeting (CAPG) was the CCG’s Chief Nurse, Carol Anderson, who described the new GP Networks.   Each Network will bring together a group of 4-5 practices covering a population of 3,000 to a flexible 5,000 patients.   This collaboration will result in expanded primary care teams and offer a wider range of provision, while hopefully still being small enough to provide the personal care valued by both patients and GPs.   There will be a GP clinical director for each Network, and each will receive funding to cover the full cost of hiring a social prescribing link worker and 70% of the cost of a pharmacist, with subsequent further funding for additional staff.   By 2024 a typical Network should have 5 clinical pharmacists, 3 social prescribers, 3 physiotherapists, 2 physician associates and 1 community medic.   Social Prescribing is a means of enabling GPs, nurses etc. to refer people to a wide range of non-clinical services.   These are usually provided by voluntary organisations and include volunteering, gardening, cookery, sports activities etc.   For people with mild to moderate, or long-term mental health problems, Arts on Prescription is already available.
  1. Any other business: Letters for those with diabetes now come from Bury St Edmund’s not Huntingdon, and patients are apparently experiencing difficulties because the venues for their appointments keep changing, causing problems of access for those who do not drive.
  1. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 21st May.   (Please note the change from 14th).  

Minutes of a meeting held on 20th November 2018
Fulbourn Health Centre

Christina Rowland-Jones CR-J: Christabel Bennett CBe: Liz Willis LW
Marylin Moyes MM: Bev Savage BS (Secretary): Sylvia Cottee SC :
Graham Snelling GS (Chairman): Ron Ward RW: Cllr Gill Ward GW:
Peter Godber PG: Cllr Kieron Johnson KC: Cllr Graham Cone GC:

Dr Catherine Bennett CB: Sarah Bellows SB ( Community Development Officer)
Cllr Siobhan Mellon( Development Officer South East Cambs C/C)

Ann Sowden

2. Minutes of last meeting held on 25th September 2018 agreed as correct.

a) Sarah Bellows ( Community Care Officer
Care Network)
Previous discussions with Cllr CGC over whether we could set up something to help on
the lines of “Loneliness” and “Time Banking” in Fulbourn. She mentioned that Care Network
see a lot more people living at home being cared for with illness. Carers are also becoming
isolated because they are looking after their relatives, especially those with dementia.
A lot of people have no family, living far away and have no contact with their
neighbour. Care Network can help at home in a lot of situations but people are not aware
of this service. I personally like to call this “isolation” because you could be alone and remain
happy. Also we have talked about “Time Banking”
Cllr SM The District Council has taken an interest in this after a group of councillors have
looked into the ways to tackle it. It is a way of getting people to help each other and get
something back. At present being set up in Melbourne and Sawston. There is a lady who
works for the CHS (Health Associate) in these areas. “Time Banking” sometimes works
with a volunteer co-ordinator but more reliably you need someone who is payed to get
people involved and get it going.
SB Although that has been mentioned as a formal way of working I would like to see
firstly what people want to give and share within the village as everybody has skills. Also
what is going on in the village such as the village networks. Doing your homework first
and finding out what people are doing is less formal.
GC Stated that a lot of groups are active in Fulbourn and agreed we should try to get
people to be aware of these services and whether they wish to be there. Also a lot of
these groups come up against people who are isolated. Mentioned that a “Toolkit” has
been made available which gives advice and guidance in setting up new activities which
can combat loneliness. Will print off and circulate for information and further discussion.
Action Cllr
After a long discussion it was decided to get the message over to the village and organisations.
Assess what’s there, get peoples views, get people together and get started
hopefully in the Spring 2019.
SB Mentioned that she was available to help.
b) Future of Health Centre
A meeting had taken place at Cornford House last week with members of the PPG and
Chris Philbridge (Propco). Dr CB Mentioned that this took place because we need to
build a strong case about why we need a new Health Centre on this site. We would like to
see some sort of community co-location taking in consideration sheltered housing etc.
Cambourne is something we should look at.
c) Neighbourhood Plan
RW Asked if the Health Centre could put forward their ideas of having a new Health
Centre, such as land required, as this would go into the plan.
Action Cllr CB
Posters concerning the above plan for the village have been circulated and everyone is
encouraged to look at the web site to make comments and keep up to date. Everyone is
invited to arranged meetings. (
d) DNA’s
Since last meeting: September 66. October 92. Nov 45.
These figures to be shown in the next issue of the “Pump”.

4. Building Developments Cllr JW The development along Balsham Rd was
likely to start in December as this was high on the building list for Fulbourn.
Cllr GC No further news on the Ida Darwin site. Discussions taking place on those who
bought the land and the Parish Council.
The developers on the Teversham Rd area have not as yet come forward with any plans

5.CCG Dr CB Nothing to report

6. CAPG CR-J Had a talk on “ Community Navigators”, which is run by the Cambridgeshire
Care Network offering free practical help for adults over 18 yrs old.
Leaflets for further information are available giving a central telephone number to contact
in time of need.

7. AOB
a) Cornford House Web Site
BS Mentioned that the minutes for the PPG were well out of
date, but apparently at present being updated. Also the online issue for making appointments
with a particular GP had now been corrected.
b) LW A neighbour who had, had an accident abroad would like to pass on her
thanks to all the practice staff for their help when arriving home.
c) MM Mentioned that a lady in her 90’s became very stressed after being told
by her Physiotherapist that she would not be visiting again to take her out because the
pavements for walking, outside her property was dangerous. The lady now would become
very isolated and afraid that she may fall.
Cllr GC Emphasised that problems like this should be reported on the County Council
web site as repairs will not be undertaken until notified.
d) Cllr GC Had a call from a resident asking about the “Sexual Health Service”
in the Practice. A particular procedure at the time could not be dealt with because of untrained
staff. Dr CB Gave reassurance that the problem had now been rectiefied.
e) GS Had been informed that there was now a 14 week waiting list to see a
f) MM Appointments still remain a big problem with the Podiatry Service.
Mixed messages concerning the future. what they can offer and change of venue is all to
Dr CB Mentioned that consultations were going ahead with the CPRT concerning the
pulling out of both Physio and Podiatry services from practices which may need public
GS Said that we have been reassured that they will not withdraw the service from
Fulbourn but he may at a later date write to them again.
8. Date of next meeting: 



Minutes of a meeting held on 29th May 2018

Fulbourn Health Centre



Graham Snelling GS (Chair): Bev Savage BS (Secretary) Peter Godber PG:

Cllr Jane Gaskell JK: Dr Madeleine Knightley MK: Liz Willis LW: Ron Ward:

Christina Rowland-Jones CR-J: Cllr Gill Ward JW. Cllr Kieron Johnson KJ



Dr Catherine Bennett CB: Sue Bowtle Manager SBo:

Cllr Graham Cone GC



Cllr John Williams JW: Marylin Moyes MM: Christabel Bennett CBe:

Sylvia Cottee SC:




Cllr Sue Ellington introduced herself. She

held the portfolio for “Health and Well Being”at South Cambs prior to the election, and set

up a task and finish group to look at loneliness in villages. They contacted a number of

organisations and individuals eg Social Services, Community Development Officers, Care

Network, Age Concern. Some villages have organised their own services for the elderly

and lonely, sponsored by their Parish Council. A great deal of data and information has

been gathered. So much more could be undertaken.

South Cambs consists of 103 villages, none the same, rural not urban. Loneliness is not

necessarily related to the elderly but covers the whole spectrum eg the chronically sick,

disabled, mobility, mental health, young people etc.

Some villages have poor transport.With all these problems the group needed to look at

possible ways of helping people who are lonely and isolated. They produced a report and

the first initiative was the “Parish Council Tool Kit” run by a team at South Cambs.This

consists of a box with sections in it, so if you want to run a group eg you pick out your

appropriate card. This will tell you what regulations apply, if any, what planning permission

you may need, who may have done it before etc. Some of the problems which stopped

people taking things forward were “Health and Safety” and “Risk Assessment”.

One of the biggest tasks is to identify lonely people, because they tend to stay at home

and not tell anybody they are lonely.

The next idea is “Social Prescribing”, South Cambs has received a grant from Social

Services and the “Innovation Fund” for the Sawston Medical Practice to employ

somebody to work there and help direct patients to relevant activities.

They are also starting “Time Banking” presently being run in Cambourne by the

“Cambridge Housing Society” which has proved to be a positive venture. Skills could be

interchanged so if someone does some work for you, the time spent is logged and paid

back in a different area. The lonely person somewhere along the line will become


Another idea was around “Village Clusters. One of the biggest problems was that if you

live in a small village with no transport you did not know what the other village have to

offer. Every village should have a “Roger” who has the local knowledge. A lady is

employed in the Histon, Impington villages who runs various events and knows where the

lonely people are. It costs them £8,000 a year which they obtain through charities and the

Parish Councils pay the rest.

Answering a question, “Community Navigators” do still exist, run by Care Network.

Further discussion ensued and it was mentioned that Fulbourn has a large number of

groups and events but the key is how to target those that are lonely.



Agreed as correct.



(a) Neighbourhood Plan.

RW Progress is being made. The Parish

Council has now confirmed the area to be covered. A meeting is scheduled for the 30th

May, with the steering group and anybody who would like to attend. They have a draft

time line for the meeting to consider, which breaks down into 3 areas with 3 working

groups. They are looking for people to become involved and to pick up lots of data. The

end date is scheduled for May 2020. The vision is that we want Fulbourn to be seen as a

thriving village with all services. Everything will be built on that.

(b) Defibrillator.

CR-J Spoke to the manager at the C0-0p. who

was understanding and access is usually clear, although there are still occasional days

when it is not.

(c) Community Car Scheme.

BS Now has 13 volunteers and 3

awaiting DBS checks. It has taken 3 years to get to this stage. Advertising in the village

“Pump” and notice boards have further enlightened people about the scheme.

(d) Feet Focus.

The chair has now been repaired. The service at

Fulbourn remains and appointments at the practice are being made rather than going to


(e) Data Protection.

Some members of the PPG still have to fill in forms.



Cllr GC Said that the land at the

Ida Darwin had been sold to Homes England and discussion remains on various issues,

which apparently is causing tension between the District and Parish Council.

The Teversham Road Site is at present on hold. A major problem is that the developers

are finding areas that are more profitable and potentially easier, because of issues in the

appeal process.

It was also noted that the land at the back of Fulbourn Hospital for sale by Bidwells

required planning permission in the first instance.



SBo Missed appointments at Fulbourn for April was 54.

from May 1st until today 56.

2,400 patients aged 40-74 years were invited for for Health Checks. Since January 590

have been completed. Those that have not responded will be written to.



CB Discussion remains on where S.106 monies will be allocated

amongst practices.

There have been interviews for a new Chief Executive Officer. This year things are very

tight financially. Much more work is taking place, joining up with Health Trusts.

Agreement to be made with Addenbrooke’s Hospital regarding a contract which agrees

how much money they will get, which they will have to work around.

The practice is still talking to PropCo (Property Services )over the future of Fulbourn

Health Centre, and meanwhile we pay a lot of money for maintenance some of which is

not being carried out, e.g. grass cutting.




The last meeting had a presentation on 111. Calls have increased by 5% year , and a new

digital service will be launched in July so it is in place for the winter pressures.It is hoped

that this will relieve some of the pressure on the current 111 and A/E. The group are

having a presentation on NHS Estates in June.

JG Noted that there has been a high number of people phoning 111especially over the

w/e to find a dentist.This is not surprising as there are few available NHS dentists.

CB Mentioned that there was once no out of hours dental service, and you either went to

A/E or went to CamDoc. There should one, but many people choose to see their GP, thus

avoiding paying the dentist. Many GP’s will not treat dental problems.


9. AOB Nil



Tuesday 24th July 2018 6.15pm


Minutes of a meeting held on 24th July 2018

Fulbourn Health Centre



Bev Savage BS (Secretary): Graham Snelling GS (Chair): Cllr Jane Gaskell JK

Ron Ward RW: Cllr Gill Ward GW: Christabel Bennett CBe: Liz Willis LW

Sylvia Cottee SC: Cllr Graham Cone GC: Cllr Kieron Johnson KC

Cllr Dawne Brown DB



Dr Catherine Bennett CB



Marylin Moyes MM: Sue Bowtle SBo: Peter Godber PG

Madeleine Knightley MK: Christina Rowland-Jones CR-J



2. Minutes of last meeting held on May 29th 2018 agreed as correct.



a) Neighbourhood Plan RW: Reported that progress was being made. A further

meeting of the steering group was taking place tomorrow which will split up into 3

groups. Preparation had been made as to how the village had changed since the Parish

Action Plan of 2009. Apparently it had changed very little. The first review body has proposed

to the Parish Council that all actions should be based on the original plan with

slight modifications which would save time, as all the statistical analysis was readily available.

Many areas will be included eg housing, business, education, medical, community, recreation,

transport, environment etc. and for parishioners to have their say.

Guidance at this stage would be welcomed from the PPG in relation to the Fulbourn Practice

Health Plan, because there has been lack of communication in the past together with

an outdated Health Centre.

Dr Bennett has kindly agreed to provide feedback by October so it can be incorporated in

the village plan.It was agreed by all that this was vital information for the plan and would

be instrumental in helping to deliver a Health Centre which will meet the needs of the



b) LONELINESS, ( and “Be More Us” Campaign to end Loneliness) GC

The Parish Council “Tool Kit” to be circulated to all villages. Groups

are being formed. Sarah Bellows ( Care Network Community Development Officer) hoping

to come to meetings to discuss further progress. Early stages of looking at everything and

where funding is available. Interest in setting up “Time Banks” and attempts to get people



To date we have 13 volunteers and 3 going through the application

process. Approach has been made for Teversham and Wilbraham to be part of the

Fulbourn Scheme. This in principal was seen as sensible due to the closeness of the villages

as long as they could provide their own drivers.

An informal get together of volunteers would take place tomorrow at the Swifts meeting

rooms 2-4pm. Care Network would be present and other village volunteers had been invited.


Since 29th May 2018 to date 116 had not attended appointments.

CB Mentioned that patients who do not attend to see the nurse are included in these figures.

Dressings usually take up a great deal of appointment time. Reminders are being

sent out in advance.


Reminder that for these minutes to be shown on the Practice Web

Site, members of the PPG must sign a consent form which can be acquired from the Reception

and then forwarded to SBo.



Very little headway. Discussions remain on various issues with the Parish




Refer to Item 3 a)



The CCG has been treated as inadequate by NHS England, and placed in

special measures. It will remain under ‘directions’.

Discussions on Self Care continues. Groups of medication which can be prescribed. Will

see a lot more discussion with patients on their medication within the practice.


7. CAPG UPDATE ( Cambridge Area Patient Group) JG (CR-J)

In June there was a talk on “Health Watch” which welcomes feedback

from patients. Also a presentation on NHS Estates given by the CCG’s Acting Director of

primary care

In July there was a presentation by two local nurses who have set up ‘ Sk Nurses Ltd’

based on a Dutch scheme ‘Humanity over Bureaucracy’: Nursing the Buurtzorg Way’.

This is a social enterprise, working with the community and GP,s to strengthen community

nursing. They are setting up a Buurtzorg ‘test and learn’ site in Linton, which is part of the

Granta Medical Group. It was thought that perhaps this may be too similar to the CCG’s

failed ‘Uniting Care’, but members of the CAPG look forward to hearing about the result

of the Linton scheme.


8. AOB

a) Feet Focus.

Reported that some patients were being given appointments at

Brookfields and Shelford instead of Fulbourn. This created big problems for those with

transport. Agreed that a letter should be sent to the Podiatry Services. ACTION GS

b) Practice Dr Rota.

BS Mentioned that the on line appointment rota did not show

one particular Dr for consultation although she was available.


c) Practice staff photographs.

LW These have been absent for display on the reception

wall for some time. Agreed that they were very useful for patients considering there has

been a change of staff.


d) On line appointments.

KJ Mentioned that on one occasion when an attempt was

made to make an on line appointment he was directed to another web site.

CB Was not aware of any recent problems but would look into this.







Minutes of a meeting held on 25th September 2018

Fulbourn Health Centre



Christabel Bennett CBe: Cllr Kieron Johnson KC: Liz Willis LW:

Ann Sowden AS: Christina Rowland-Jones CR-J: Graham Snelling GS(Chair)

Marylin Moyes MM: Ron Ward RW: Cllr Gill Ward GW: Dr Madeleine

Knightley MK Cllr Jane Gaskell JK: Cllr Graham Cone GC: Bev Savage BS




Dr Catherine Bennett CB: Sue Bowtle SBo



Peter Godber



2. Minutes of last meeting held on 24th July 2018 agreed as correct.



a) Future of Health Centre/ Neighbourhood Plan: RW Reported that

discussions were going very well. Fulbourn Parish Council has registered with South

Cambs and we are now approved to formulate a Neighbourhood Plan. Interested parties

can now go on the South Cambs District Council Web Site and link to the Fulbourn

Neighbourhood Plan where you will see all draft visions, notes, previous village plan,

action plans, and statistics etc. An interactive sheet for people to make comments is

going to be published in the “Pump” and the “Mill”. Now trying to improve the profile of

the whole process.

Further to this he expected that the Local Plan would be approved by the South Cambs

District Council in September and the City Council in October. This will take us up to the

year 2030. Within that Fulbourn is classified as a Minor Rural Settlement so we cannot

have any larger developments. The village population could grow from the present 5,000

to 5,700 approx.

Taken into account the Fulbourn Health Centre it is essential at this stage for the Practice

to draw up a wish list so support to this venture could be given. Through this process we

are intending to map all the land owners in the village. How much land would we need to

build a new Centre. Possibility of drawing from NHS assets. Potential capital is needed,

Discussion ensued but it was agreed that a meeting should be arranged with NHS

Property services and Chris Philbridge ( Propco) to be contacted to see where we go from

here. ACTION CB Mentioned that GP premises were presently under review and they

were contemplating improvements to the Fulbourn building. New flooring, decoration and

Capital Expenditure going on a new boiler.

Money is a big problem and Capital Expenditure is going on new developments eg

Northstow, Cambourne and the Airfield site.

We have a large building here at Fulbourn which has potential but we cannot do anything

with it

b) Loneliness, (and “Be more Us” Campaign to end Loneliness) GC Has

spoken about this to the Parish Council. Hope to get groups formed to move forward

involving other villages.

c) Future talk by Sarah Bellows (Community Development Officer) Care Network

To be invited to come to this meeting to talk about “Time Banking” in other villages which

have started this scheme. To be invited. ACTION GC

d) DNA,s

SBo Since 24th July 2018 there has been 124. Slight raise since last record of similar

period. Attempts are made to contact repeat offenders because of the cost to the

practice. Agreed that these figures should be shown in the “Pump” ACTION GC

e) Feet Focus

GS Has written to Brookfields Podiatry Service and in reply was reassured that there

were no plans to withdraw the service from Fulbourn but that decision is open to future

review. It was emphasised that as a group the PPG should have some input to reflect the

impact this would have on patients if this service was withdrawn.

Mixed messages are coming from patients when attending appointments as regards the


(It was later reported that there are apparently no appointments available until after


f) Online GP appointments

BS Mentioned that Dr Ratnayake’s name was still not being shown on line when making

appointments. ACTION SBo

g) Practice Photographs Pending


4. Building Developments No further progress


5. CCG update CB New Chief Executive ( Jan Thomas) .

A lot more emphasis on system line working with Trusts, and trying to improve them.


6. CAPG update CR-J There was a talk on the GP Federation and the opening up of

Practices over evenings and w/ends. There will be 4 hubs ie Nuffield, Comberton, Granta

and Ely. Our hub will be Nuffield Rd road and Fulbourn receptionists can book

appointments for our patients up to 8pm. At some point you will be able to be directed

there by the 111 service. This fits in with more GP consultations being made available.

There was also a talk on new care models in neighbourhoods.

CB Mentioned that there had been various attempts to get this off the ground. There had

been previous discussions with District Nurses, Arthur Rank, Mental Health Nurses trying

to plan patient care and keep them out of hospital, but it eventually collapsed. Recently

there has been an attempt to reconsider this, particularly around patients who are at the

end of their life or nearing that phase. A whole team looking at patients with mobility

needs, physio etc.

CRJ Due to financial cuts in social services some patients living in the community with

an enduring mental illness are now losing their support worker and being left to manage

on their own. There is concern about the effect on people if they require support or are

relapsing, and decisions are being taken by social care managers who do not know the

patient. Age Concern may be able to provide a volunteer to replace them.

CB Said that everyone has a statutory right for an assessment of their Social Care needs.


7. AOB

a) MM Reported that patients were not adhering to parking arrangements at Cornford

House. People were using the disabled area and blocking pathways to the Practice. SBo

Will look into this.

b) The PPG minutes will be put on the Practice web site when all those whose name is

published have given their consent.

c) Reported that the flu vaccination session at Fulbourn ran very smoothly and

appointments had been taken up very quickly (350). Those who could not get an

appointment were asked to go to Cornford House. Future sessions will take place when

vaccines are available.

8. Date of next meeting