Please answer the questions in the short questionnaire to enable us to assess your alcohol consumption rate and offer advice if necessary.

Alcohol Consumption Questionnaire (New Form Required)

Change Grow Live is the name of the Drugs and alcohol services for patients in Cambridge.  It is a self referral service.

The Drug service is based in Arbury, and offer advice, and support for Drug Addiction.

The Alcohol service is based on Mill road.  They can help with:

  • Specialist Alcohol Assessment 
  • Advice, information and support
  • Reduction and safe drinking programmes
  • Relapse management and support
  • Access to alcohol detoxification 

You can contact them for help by calling 0300 555 0101 or  e-mail

 Click here for the web Link.  Change, Grow, Live Drug and alcohol service

There are also some private organisations that offer drug and alcohol services.  Some offer a free initial assessment.