Click here to read our guide on Minor Illness

Please be mindful of the local Clinical Commissioning group Choose Well Campaign to help decide on options from where you may access care depending on the ailment.

Our specialist nurses operate a ‘same day’ appointment service.

If you have any of the problems listed or are unsure whether our specialist nurses can help and would like to make an appointment, please speak to one of our receptionists who will be happy to direct you appropriately.

At present we are not offering online access to nurses appointments, so please check this list before making a doctor appointment using our online services.

If the specialist nurse is unable to help you she will ensure you are seen by a doctor the same day if urgent or otherwise by appointment.

Please click on the NHS Direct link below to go through to a symptom checker

NHS Direct symptom checker

Our specialist nurses can help with the following problems:

Asthma Backache in adultsBoils/Abscesses
Blocked ears Burns and scaldsCold sores
Colds and flu ConstipationCoughing adult
Coughing childDiarrhoea in adults/children >6yrsEarache in children
Earache in adults EczemaEmergency contraception
Eye infection Fever in adultsHayfever
Headache in adults Head lice Infected wounds/cellulitis
Insect bites/stingsMinor injuriesNappy rash 
Nose bleeds RashesSexual health advice
Sinusitis Sore mouth in adultsSore throat
Urinary tract infections/cystitis Vaginal infectionsVomiting in adults
Vomiting in children